Driver with Parrot carkit

The Parrot CK3100 has been, and still is, a perfectly carkit. With millions and millions of people still using it on a daily basis I really don’t understand why they’ve decided to pull support for it on their website.

Parrot CK3100

The problem many user experience with the Parrot CK3100 (including my parents) is that when you have too much contacts, it produces the error “Memory full” when attempting to pair a new phone. This can easily be fixed by flashing it with new firmware, but unfortunately, this firmware is not easy to find anymore.

If all fails, removing the old phones and their synchronized contacts don’t free up the memory of the Parrot CK3100, you can use the tools provided here to repair your unit.

The process is easy enough to go through and well documented on the web. Hopefully this page can help out some of you stuck with a broken carkit.



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